Sunday, April 27, 2014

Welcome to Tangency Press

Tangency Press & Perpetual Publishing 
Taras Pevny

First, a very warm welcome to the Tangency Press blog.

Tangency Press was created to post and share working papers on the history of ship design and construction. It was specifically designed to facilitate publishing papers on archaeological ship reconstruction that often incorporate numerous graphics that need to be viewed at a fairly large scale.

Archaeological ship reconstruction is a fairly recent and rapidly expanding field with a steady inflow of new information from archaeological and historical sources. Reconstruction work needs constant reassessment, and this need was the direct motivation for creating a P-Pub (Perpetual-Publishing) format that enables referable notes (P-Notes) with images and sources to be added to the main work at any time in the future.

The essays, notes and reviews published on will be linked to posts on this blog. I am absolutely convinced that ship reconstruction benefits greatly from the exchange of information and insights. Therefore, please feel free to post your comments, questions, corrections, advice and the like. Opinions will be respected and any integrated input whatsoever will be credited in a referable manner.

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